22 agosto 2008

Best of Doo Wop & 50's Hub (CLIQUE AQUI PARA DOWNLOAD)


Bill & Carroll - Feel So Good (1958).mp3
Bill Watkins - Missed The Workhouse (1959, with Guitar and Fiddle Break).mp3
Bobby Rutledge & The Cimarrons - Waitin' In Line.mp3
Buddy Holly - Gotta Roll (Acetate 1955).mp3
Buster Pack & The Lonesome Pine Boys - Indian Boogie.mp3
Arnold - Be My Baby, Baby Doll (1956).mp3
Curley Griffin - Got Rockin' On My Mind (Alt. 1957).mp3
Curley Griffin - You Gotta Play Fair (1956).mp3
David Houston - Blue Prelude (1956).mp3
David Houston - I'll Always Have It On My Mind (1956).mp3
Eddie Dale - Dixie Gal.mp3 Eddie Jackson - Blues I Can't Hide (1963).mp3
Ferlin Husky - Aladdin's Lamp (Live At Big D Jamboree).mp3
Groovey Joe Poovey - Move Around (Live At Big D Jamboree).mp3
Hal Dee Martin - The Woman I Love (Demo).mp3
Hardrock Gunter - Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby (1956).mp3
Jack Reno - The Moon Won't Tell (1958).mp3
Jerald Boykin - Walking, Talking Baby Doll (1958).mp3
Johnny O'Neil - Glendora (Live At Ranch Party).mp3
Larry Hart - I'm Just a Mender (1958).mp3
Lee Red Melson - Rockin' Thru The Tunnel Of Love (1961).mp3
Lew Williams - Don't Mention My Name (1956).mp3
Mike Cain - Shake A Hand (1959).mp3
Paul Ballenger & The Flares - September Love (1958).mp3
Ralph Collier - You'll Come Running Back To Me (1961).mp3
Ray Smith - Gone Baby Gone (1956).mp3
Rudy Hansen - Saturday Jump (1956).mp3
Sid King & The Five Strings - When My Baby Left Me (Demo).mp3
Sleepy LaBeef - Baby Let's Play House (1956).mp3
Tooter Boatman - The Will Of Love (Alt.).mp3
Wesley Hardin - Cry Cry Cry (1956).mp3
Wiley, Rusty & Doug - Rattlesnake (Demo).mp3
Wink Westerners - Hey! Miss Fannie (Acetate, Roy Orbison's First Record).mp3


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