16 outubro 2009

Bill Haley - Hillbilly Haley (RARO)

Este disco veio de uma fonte forte, disco raro, pouco conhecido até mesmo pelos rockers de plantão!! Vale a pena conheçer, pois trata-se de Bill Haley em songs Hillbilly (Caipirão)

Além do disco, o arquivo vem com algumas fotos.

1.All I Need Is Some More Loving (With The Comets - 59-60)
2.Behind The Eight Ball (48-51)
3.Bouquet Of Roses (With The Comets - 59-60)
4.Candy And Women (48-51)
5.Cold Cold Heart (With The Comets - 59-60)
6.Cotton Haired Gal (48-51)
7.Foolish Questions (48-51)
8.I Should Write A Song About You (48-51)
9.Life Of The Party (48-51 - Vcl Billy Williamson)
10.My Dream (With The Comets - 59-60)
11.My Mom Heard Me Crying (48-51)
12.One Has My Name (With The Comets - 59-60)
13.Red River Valley (48-51 - Vcl prob. Tex King)
14.Rose Of My Heart (48-51)
15.Rovin' Eyes (48-51)
16.The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along (48-51)
17.This Is The Thanks I Get (With The Comets - 59-60)
18.Within This Broken Heart Of Mine (48-51)
19.Wreck On The Highway (48-51)
20.Yodel Your Blues Away (48-51)
21.Yodeller's Lullaby (48-51)

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2 comentários:

Valerie Haymer disse...

Lets dance Bill Haley,love the site and come back soon. Congratulations!!!

Tabata ^:^ disse...

Que beleza isso tudo,adorei esse Bill Haley pois não conhecia esse cd. ^^Descobri agora e agradeço bastante a vcs. bjuss