25 setembro 2009

Sam Butera, Keely Smith & Louis Prima - The Capitol Recordings (Disc 8)

01. Bugs.mp3
02. Tennessee Waltz.mp3
03. French Poodle.mp3
04. Chantilly Late.mp3
05. Up Jumped A Rabbit.mp3
06. Just Say I Love Her.mp3
07. Easy Rockin'.mp3
08. Night Train.mp3
09. Honey Love.mp3
10. Street Scene.mp3
11. Perdido.mp3
12. Kansas City.mp3
13. Love Of My Life (O Sole Mio).mp3
14. Ol' Man River.mp3
15. Smilin' Billy.mp3
16. Skinny Minnie.mp3
17. Better Twist Now Baby.mp3
18. Twistin'the Blues.mp3
19. The Continental Twist.mp3
20. Tag That Twistin' Dolly.mp3
21. Come And Do The Twist.mp3
22. O Ma-Ma Twist.mp3
23. I Feel Good All Over.mp3
24. Later, Baby, Later.mp3
25. Ol' Man River.mp3

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doug disse...

I try to download this one and it takes me to 4ever style which I am a member of, but the download never appears. Can you help? ThaNKS.

Edurocker disse...
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Edurocker disse...

Hello Doug, thanks for visiting!

Unfortunately this album is unavailable for a short time.
Check out several other albums here: http://4everstyle.forumbrasil.net/t460-visite-nossa-pagina-externa

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Wait to be resubmitted. Hug